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Welcome Rockstar! I'm absolutely thrilled to have you here. I can't express how grateful I am for the opportunity to connect with you and embark on this transformative journey together. So, let's dive right in! The fact that you're here seeking a significant shift in your life or facing a change that requires careful management, speaks volumes about your courage and determination.

You've come to the right place, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. I understand that stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking free from familiar habits and patterns can be incredibly daunting. It's human nature to seek comfort and avoid risks. We often find ourselves on autopilot, convincing ourselves that someday we'll make the changes necessary to truly embrace a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Dr. Ma Cherie, the leading world-renowned Expat Rockstar coach and mentor, is the founder of AI Rockstar Consulting Company. Specializing in expat coaching and consulting, Dr. Ma Cherie helps expatriates achieve unparalleled success and excellence in their personal and professional lives. Transform your expat experience with expert guidance and proven strategies.

But here's a captivating story for you: "From Pain to Love:

My Journey of Changing my First Name from Dolor to Ma Cherie."

Let me share with you a captivating story that embodies the essence of transformation: "From Pain to Love: My Journey of Changing My First Name from Dolor to Ma Cherie." Picture this: after a successful 25-year career in the dynamic field of IT, I embarked on a deeply personal quest of self-discovery. Despite achieving remarkable success, it came at a significant cost. The stress accumulated over the years led to burnout, draining my energy and motivation. I experienced disrupted sleep, weight gain, and even hair loss. It was a wake-up call.

With the guidance of a specialist, I delved into the depths of my being, uncovering the patterns and behaviors that contributed to my high-achieving success. But I also discovered the toll it took on my well-being. I realized that my journey involved more than just professional achievements; it encompassed my identity and how I perceived myself.

Motivated by a burning desire to understand and evolve, I invested my time, resources, and efforts in studying psychology, neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming, metaphysics, and energy signatures. Through this profound journey of self-discovery, I came to a realization: my given name, Dolor, meaning "pain" in Latin, no longer resonated with my updated beliefs and aspirations. In an act of profound self-love, I legally changed my name to Ma Cherie, meaning "my dear" and "my love" in French. This new name reflects the boundless love and compassion I now have for myself and the radiant energy I exude to the world.

Dr. Ma Cherie, the leading world-renowned Expat Rockstar coach and mentor, and founder of AI Rockstar Consulting Company, offers expert coaching and consulting for expatriates. Discover her Cultural Intelligence Mastery System, designed to help expatriates achieve unparalleled success and excellence in their personal and professional lives. Transform your expat experience with proven strategies and expert guidance.

You see, circumstances have a way of revealing outdated tendencies and conditions that demand our attention. The time to act is now. Procrastination is no longer an option. Together, we can face these challenges head-on and create a life that aligns with your deepest desires.

My purpose, as your mentor and coach, is to guide high achievers like you in unlocking your immense potential to bring about transformative changes in your life. I intimately understand the struggles you face because I've been there myself. At the pinnacle of my success, even after attaining all the conventional markers of achievement, I found myself yearning for something more. It was a confusing realization, but it propelled me towards a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Are you a high-achieving expat or professional yearning for validation but feeling empty and disconnected inside? I'm here to empower you on a transformative journey, helping you skyrocket your success while eradicating stress and thriving in the expat lifestyle. In the realm of corporate collaborations, I partner with CIOs and IT Managers to unlock the full potential of their multicultural teams. Together, we create a vibrant work culture that fosters engagement, collaboration, and attracts and retains top talent.

A shift in circumstances can expose old-fashioned tendencies and conditions that need to be addressed.

True transformation goes beyond surface-level fixes. It's about delving deep into your core, unraveling the habits, conditioning, and behaviors that have been holding you back. Together, we will provide you with the necessary tools and resources to effect change more rapidly than if you were to undertake this journey alone.

I'm familiar with this situation because I've experienced it myself.

Like you, I am a type A high achiever. With three decades of experience in the corporate world, specializing in IT leadership and coaching, I possess a unique set of skills to inspire individuals to excel even in the face of heightened challenges. I understand the sacrifices you've been taught to accept as the cost of success, but I firmly believe that with the right support, you can rewrite that narrative swiftly and effortlessly.

This unwavering conviction, coupled with my personal experiences, compelled me to design a system tailored specifically for high achievers like yourself—the High Achiever Success System. This extraordinary system offers a step-by-step methodology to unlock your full potential and achieve the level of fulfilment you truly desire. It encompasses powerful strategies to dissect deep-rooted thought patterns, set meaningful goals, adapt to change, and find genuine satisfaction in all areas of life.

The Cultural Intelligence Mastery System, a unique formula developed by Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez.

The Cultural Intelligence Mastery System offers Step-by-step method for unloacking your full potential and achieving the level of fulfillment you desire. It outlines strategies for examining deeply ingrained thought patterns, setting goals, adapting to change, and attaining a sense of life satisfaction.

Alright, let's move on from talking about work

But let's switch gears for a moment and explore the colourful tapestry of life beyond work. When I'm not coaching, you'll find me immersing myself in enriching activities that ignite my passion. From the joy of reading, the serenity of practicing hot yoga, and leisurely walks in the park, to the exhilarating world of Formula 1, scuba diving adventures, savouring delectable wine-pairing cuisine, and even relishing moments of tranquillity on the beach, my life is filled with extraordinary experiences.

Speaking of experiences, I would be honoured to offer you my latest book, the "Master Cultural Intelligence (CQ) inn 7 Steps: Unlocking The Secrets of Expat Global Success and Team Excellence." It's currently available for pre-launch sale, and as a token of my appreciation, I'm offering limited digital autographed copies. I genuinely value your thoughts on the book and would love to hear your feedback. But let's not stop there—I'm genuinely interested in learning more about your personal journey and discovering how we can collaborate to achieve remarkable transformations together. By grabbing your copy of the "Cultural Intelligence Mastery System" today, you'll also receive a limited seats of 30-minute coaching session—a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deeper level and ignite the spark of transformation.

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities, where your dreams become your reality. I'm thrilled to be a part of your journey, and I can't wait to witness the incredible transformations that lie ahead. Let's embark on this extraordinary adventure together!

Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez, an Expat Leader and global program manager, has lived and worked in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Philippines, and The UK. She has led and delivered multi-million global IT transformation programs at ABInbev, Philips, DLL, and Lloyds Banking Group. Discover her expertise in Agile coaching and global program management, helping businesses achieve success across diverse cultural landscapes.
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