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Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez, PhD

3X Award-Winning Author

Global Expat IT Agile Coach & Leader

Expert in Cross-Cultural Management

Are you prepared to take your expat experience to new heights? Look no further than 10X Expat Success, the ultimate resource for thriving abroad. Whether you're a seasoned expat, planning your relocation, or just beginning this exciting adventure, this book is your essential guide. Unlock strategies to overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and truly excel in the expat lifestyle. Don't miss out on the key to turning your expat journey into a rockstar experience!

Discover the Expat Rockstar's Ultimate Guide and 10X your success abroad. Gain expert leadership and cross-cultural strategies to thrive in your expat journey. Unleash your potential with proven tips from Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez.10X Expat Success eBook Unlock Your 10X Potential and Thrive in the Expat Lifestyle by Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez. Dr. Cherie reveals her powerful techniques that propelled her from humble beginnings to spearheading a ground-breaking $100M global IT transformation program. Through relatable experiences and practical advice, you'll gain the tools and mindset to achieve remarkable success as an expat. Embark on this transformative journey and discover the keys to 10X expat success.
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    What You'll Discover:

    • Insider Secrets to Seamless Integration: Proven strategies used by successful expats to quickly adapt to new cultures, build meaningful relationships, and feel at home in any country

    • Practical Tips for Financial Success Abroad: Expert advice on managing your finances, from navigating foreign banking systems to maximizing your earning potential and minimizing expenses.

    • Inspiring Real-Life Success Stories: Gain motivation and insights from real expats who have overcome common challenges and are now thriving. Discover their journeys and apply their success strategies to your own expat adventure.

    • Comprehensive Guidance for Every Stage: Covering all aspects of expat life, from planning your relocation to flourishing abroad, this book is your essential companion for a successful transition.

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    "10X Expat Success gave me the tools I needed to excel in my new country." - Jessica D., flourishing in France

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    Maximize Your Expat Experience with 10X Expat Success book.

    Gain exclusive insights, valuable tips, and proven strategies from a successful expat who has traveled from east to west. Inside these pages, you'll discover the secrets to navigating transitional changes, building a fulfilling life abroad, and surpassing even your loftiest aspirations. With practical advice and inspiring stories, you'll learn how to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and create a thriving existence in a new and vibrant culture. Say farewell to frustration and burnout, and welcome an extraordinary journey of success and fulfillment as an expat.

    Multiply your expat salary by an incredible 10X with expert tips from the Expat Rockstar's Ultimate Guide. Learn how to thrive abroad and achieve extraordinary success.

    Multiply your expat salary by an incredible 10X.

    Are you tired of simply getting by as an expat, living paycheck to paycheck? It's time to unlock the code and unleash your true potential. With our groundbreaking book, you'll gain the knowledge and strategies needed to multiply your expat salary by 10X. Leave behind financial limitations and embrace a life of abundance and prosperity that you deserve. 

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    Transform your expat life with 10X success. Discover expert tips and strategies to thrive abroad and achieve extraordinary results with the Expat Rockstar's Ultimate Guide.

    Transform your expat life with 10X success.

    Surviving is not enough; it's time to thrive in the expat lifestyle. Unleash your full potential and catapult your career growth at an unprecedented rate with our proven system. The 10X Expat Success book equips you with the essential tools and wisdom to revolutionize your life as an expat and achieve levels of success that exceed even your wildest dreams.

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    Keep more money in your pocket as an expat. Learn how to maximize your savings and manage your finances effectively with the Expat Rockstar's Ultimate Guide.

    Keep more money in your pocket as an expat.

    Navigating the complex world of expat tax laws can be daunting, but fear not. With 10X Expat Success as your guide, you'll unlock insider tips and tricks to maximize your savings through 10X tax deductions. Keep more money in your pocket and experience the true joy and freedom that comes with thriving in the expat lifestyle. Be guided on effective financial management, ensuring you flourish abroad.      

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    Lived and worked in 5 countries as an IT expat specializing in global program management, Agile Coaching and Leadership roles in:

    As an Expat Leader in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and London, Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez offers unparalleled expertise in global IT digital transformation powered by AI agility, multicultural leadership, and agile coaching.

    3X Award-Winning Author 

    Discover the works of Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez, a 3x award-winning author. Her books 'Deliver Outside the Box,' '10X Expat Success,' and 'Master Cultural Intelligence in 7 Steps' offer invaluable insights and practical advice. Unlock your potential and achieve success with her proven strategies and expertise.

    Active member and contributor at:

    Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez is an active member and contributor to leading expat communities including IAM EXPAT, WBII, Internations, Holland Expat Center, and Expatica. Discover her extensive involvement and contributions to the success of expatriates worldwide.

    About The Author

    Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez is a three-time award-winning author and an awardee of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Award. As a world-renowned cultural intelligence expert, master trainer, and facilitator, she is committed to collaborating with global businesses, multinational companies, HR professionals, team leaders, expatriates, and students. Her mission is to help them overcome cultural challenges and optimize their potential in a multicultural world.

    Navigating the web of global cultures requires a distinct mastery, a skillset that Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez has honed and polished through her lived experiences and relentless pursuit of knowledge. From her humble beginnings in the Philippines to leading a monumental $100 million global IT transformation program across Europe, Dr. Ma Cherie’s 25 years of IT leadership journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. She has championed multicultural projects from Europe and the UK to the diverse cultures of the USA, Canada, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

    More than an expat leader, Dr. Ma Cherie is a symbol of triumph over adversity, turning daunting challenges into stunning successes. However, her success did not come without challenges. She experienced firsthand the creeping strain of stress and burnout common among leaders serving multicultural teams. Refusing to succumb, Dr. Ma Cherie embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving into the patterns behind expat burnout and channeling her findings into the creation of her innovative Cultural Intelligence Mastery System.

    Discover Dr. Ma Cherie Cortez's unique MCC logo, showcasing her brand's excellence and expertise. Explore her copyrighted logo and learn about her contributions as a leading IT expat leader and global consultant.


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